Maybe they're just pretending

What’s the urban, emotional, and relational space available for female slackers, if there’s any? I’ve been asking myself this question for a long time now, and this short film I wrote and directed during my residency at Kino Guarimba allowed me to ask that question out loud, explore what it means to slack, and let it come to life.

Lara (Inger Sund), a German woman in her late 20s, wants to spend time outdoors with nothing to do, except drifting and slacking aren’t in her nature. Finding herself in a small town in Southern Italy, she doesn't know what to do with herself or how to engage with her surroundings, foreign for reasons beyond a language barrier.

After finding some human connection in an unlikely and obsolete place, she ultimately regain her sense of self and a feeling of wonder: for nature, her body, and life itself.

(Narrative short film shot at Kino Guarimba 2022)

(2022, 11:13 min)

Noctilians - Bêtise (Official Music Video)

During the film residency Kino Guarimba (September 2022), I gave my contribution to this music video by helping with its production on set and filming some behind-the-scenes footage on Super 8 color film.

Super 8 BTS footage: Miriam Goi
Editing: Miriam Goi and Isaac Forsland
Starring: Léa Quintana and Niccolò Donatini
With Anita Kopylenko, Quinn O'keefe, Aidan Redmond, Isaac Forsland

Original music by Noctilians

A Roadhouse Studios
ProductionMix and Master by Mathurin Cerezales

(2022, 4:01 min)

Au dîner

Some Super 8 footage I shot during a dinner carefully prepared by Martin Planchaud and Penelope Volinia for the Domaine de Boisbuchet's food suppliers, gathered at the table for one of the last dinners of last year’s edition.

The ritual of hospitality, the repetition of the same, small acts, created a grounding experience that brought comfort while also leaving space for daily, little reinventions. And lots of fun.

(2022, 01:12 min)

At some point you will feel it in your body

A collective Film by Ila Astren, Lisa Dutschmann, Miriam Goi, Laura Heinig, Silke Marc, Jaime Mendez-Villamil, Nora Molitor, Evgenia Trufanova and Maike Zimmermann

Version 1 edited by Dagie Brundert

Filmed on Super 8 Kodak TriX, developed in Kompostol, an Eco Developer made from Fruit and Vegetable Remains, Vitamin C and Washing Soda during Dagie’s Workshop called “Feeling Agnès” as part of the great Agnès Varda Exhibition at Silent Green Kulturquartier, Berlin July 2022.

(2022, 4:02)

Making Space

This film was part of a project commissioned by the Echo Park Film Center for the 20th anniversary of its location in LA. The project was supported by the Mike Kelley Foundation for the Arts. 

Making Space was shot in 2021, entirely on KODAK TRI-X Reversal Film, and previewed at the Echo Park Film Center on North Alvarado Street (LA) on Dec. 9th, 2021.

In October 2022, it was selected for the Underwater Love Film Festival and screened at Soto Acqua in Venice.

In November 2022, it was screened at the Northwest Film Forum in Seattle as part of Engauge Film Festival, an experimental film festival founded by the Interbay Cinema Society.

(2021, 3:57 min)

Close Enough

Main voiceover by me, other voices: Federico Perciaccante, Alessia Trovato and Giulia Ficicchia

Thanks to the Echo Park Film Center in Los Angeles, the whole group attending the online workshop, Lisa Marr and Paolo Davanzo. 

Made in Rome between October and November 2020

(2020, 5:13 min)

March 2022 - Experimental Films Online / Nuevo Léon (Mexico) / Online

May 2021 - Virtual Cinema Festival / Seattle, WA (US) / Online

April 2021 - Included in the Unified Filmmakers Media Library,

Geiselgasteig, Bavaria (Germany) / Online

Handle with care

A selection of memories in motion captured on my first roll of color negative Super 8 film 🎥

Shot in Rome in 2021

(2021, 2:16 min)

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