Miriam Goi is an Italian artist, whose work encompasses screenwriting, analog filmmaking, poetry, and collaging. Much of her work deals with the contrast between the hyper-connectedness facilitated by technology and the anxiety that assails most humans when it comes to getting vulnerable with each other. 

Focusing on the construction of multiple personas and the fragmentation of identity experienced by many, she hopes to bring an empathic lens to the human need to capitalize on every minute of our life while also showing the absurd outcome of this continuous livestream of the self. 

Another focus of her work is the intersection of wilderness and urban spaces, and what ecology can teach us in terms of perception, interconnectedness, and interdependency.



Untitled project (screenwriter and actor) - narrative short film shot in Vancouver (in post production, tbd)

Maybe they're just pretending (director and screenwriter) - narrative short film shot at Kino Guarimba in Amantea (in post production, tbd)

Making Space, commissioned by the Echo Park Film Center and supported by the Mike Kelley Foundation for the Arts (2021)

Empty Seat, short script, unproduced, Best Relationship Drama Screenplay Award Finalist at the Oregon Short Film Festival (tbd)

Handle with Care, an analog rendition of a winter of retreat and reinvention, shot on Super 8 (2021)

Close Enough, a short experimental film made while attending the workshop Intro to Documentary, facilitated by Echo Park Film Center (2020)


Her films have been selected by/screened at Sirene wAVe (Bologna, Italy), Dizzy TV (Online), MicroActs (London, UK), Engauge Experimental Film Festival (Seattle, US), Frederick Arts Council (Frederick, US), Soto Aqua (Venezia, IT), Oregon Short Film Festival (Portland, US), Experimental Films Online (Nuevo Léon Mexico, MX), Virtual Cinema Festival (Seattle, US), and NOIA Magazine (London, UK - Milan, IT), Unified Filmmakers Media Library (Online). 

Artist Residencies

Studio Meridional, self-directed artist residency (Marseille, July 2023)

Echo Park Film Center AiR, self-directed artist residency (Los Angeles, November 2022)

EPFC North AiR, an artist residency for experimental filmmakers, grassroot activism and place-based art (Vancouver, October 2022)

Kino Guarimba, a film residency set in a small town in Calabria, involving 50 filmmakers from all over the world (Amantea, September 2022)

Art projects 

Intro to Super 8 workshop: filming and ecoprocessing, Pianeta Fresco (Parma, October 2023)

Super 8 ecologico: intro to analog filmmaking and ecoprocessing, Unza Lab (Milano, April 2023) 

Untitled project, in collaboration with Oddkin, a flower farm & studio based in Vicenza (ongoing) 

Olivia in Paris: a photoshoot in collaboration with actress, model, and emerging stand-up comedian Olivia Farcet (Paris, Summer 2023)


Università degli Studi di Pavia, Bachelor's Degree in Communication, Innovation, and Multimedia (2014)

Liceo Artistico di Brera, Milano, Art High School Diploma (2009)

Work Experience

Screenplay translation for a film directed by Nora Jaenicke (2023)

Scriptwriter and Content Strategist for The Vision (2023) 

Assistant Director to Eliana Fabiyi for the project Spaghetti Western at Kino Guarimba in Amantea (2022)

Assistant to artist Leah Clare Michaels during her residency at Cultivate Projects in Montegiovi (GR, Italy), for some research and some hands-on experiments regarding eco-developing processes and recipes to develop 8mm film (July 2022)

Videographer and Photographer, Boisbuchet (2021 - 2022)

Freelance Content Strategist, Various clients and agencies, including VICE Italy, Produzioni Invisibili, Must Had, Benedetta Gambino, Shop for Gea, BEWE, FpS Media, Fractals (2015 - ongoing)

Freelance Writer for VICE Italy, Prismo Mag, Rivista Studio, Soft Revolution Zine, Abbiamo le prove (2013 - 2017)

Social Media Instructor for journalists at Università Cattolica di Milano and DIG Awards (2015 - 2017), for several companies at BEWE Academy (2015 - 2019), and for students and young professionals at IFTS (2017)

Selected publications

Untitled - Artwork by me, featured in NOIA Magazine (2022). Coupled by the publication with an artwork made by Marcello Jacopo Biffi

Zoom Etiquette - Artwork by me, featured in NOIA Magazine (2021). Coupled by the publication with another artwork made by Antonella Sartorelli and Gabriele di Filippo

Non ho niente da fare - Ogni Mare (2020)

Ora che ci dobbiamo fermare - Medium (2020)

Cos’è il “congedo mestruale” e come potrebbe funzionare in Italia - VICE News (2017)

Portare “I Love Dick” in televisione - Soft Revolution (2017)

Non uscire più di casa e Ma ti pagano per dirlo? - Prismo Mag (2017)

Perché la Tampon Tax in Italia riguarda anche teVICE News (2017)

L'ossessione per il successo ci sta distruggendo? - Soft Revolution (2016)

Storia di Tavi, la cosmofaga - Rivista Studio (2015)

Sotto “La campana di vetro” di Sylvia Plath - Soft Revolution (2015)

Other Projects

I founded two independent editorial projects:

Collage Mag, an online collection of essays by various Italian authors, concerning mental health, wellbeing, and work, observed through an intimate lens, published in Italian and English (2016 - 2018)

Lo Sgamato, an online publication deeply rooted in the city of Milan. It hosted different op-eds and personal essays, with a focus on culture, activism, film, and countercultures, past and present (2010 - 2014). Some of the videos produced for the publication are still available here.

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