Miriam Goi

Content strategy 

Starting from 2015, I worked as a freelancer for several clients and agencies, including: 

VICE Media
Must Had
Produzioni Invisibili 
FpS Media
Cose Belle d'Italia
The Vision

My main responsibilities concerned writing the concepts and the scripts for several reels produced for Instagram, coming up with a strategy for a pre-existing project, crafting a social media strategy or plan for one or more clients, writing and translating content, editing. 

Social media workshops 

From about 2016 to 2019, I held several workshops targeted at young professionals, publishing companies, journalists, to guide them through an everchanging digital ecosystem. These are some of the institutions and organizations I worked with: 

Università Cattolica di Milano 
DIG Awards
BEWE Academy
Corsi Corsari 

Food and product photography

I also took care of the production of several images and visuals for some clients, including

VICE Media (for a specific corporate client) 
Shop for Gea

Using Format